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We have been working with a local primary school to create some of the materials used in their displays for Art in Religious Studies week. The children were tasked with creating a stained glass window to hang in the entrance to their school.


We were asked to laser-cut pieces of clear acrylic so that each child in the group would have their own section to design and paint. The parts were really simple to create and to cut for us. We used LibreCAD for the rectangular design.  Holes for the mounting in each piece of acrylic were easy to add automatically, of course. The material was 2mm clear acrylic and we used our HPC laser cutter for the cutting.




The pupils in Year 5 enjoyed using a new medium for their art work which they had not previously experienced before.  The whole class of 30 pupils spent a day exploring the subject matter before designing their image and finally creating their own stained glass window pane.  The feedback from the school was that they loved the new experience and have taken great pride in having their work displayed.

stained-glasspupil stained-glasspupil2


Even though the idea and process to create the display were so simple it gave a fantastic effect once assembled. This stained glass window is now on display at the reception of Fairford Primary school for all the school’s visitors to see.



Do you use your workshop tools to help out in the community? Are you looking for someone to help with your project? Comments welcome below…

Stained Glass Window in Local School

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