eSun PLA Filament – Red 0.5kg Reel


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0.5kg Red PLA filament on a plastic reel for use in 3D printers with a 1.75mm extruder drive/hot end.

Manufacturer: eSun, China

Weight on reel: 0.5kg
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Reel dimensions: 210mm in diameter, 45mm deep, with a hub diameter of 55mm.

We use the following settings when printing with eSun filament:
Print Temperatures:
Bed: 57c
Max Hot End: 220c
Min Hot End: 165c for printing finer details
Max Print speed mm/s @220c: 65

Storage: We recommend that the filament is stored in a cool, dry place. Keep the packet sealed until you wish to use the filament.

eSun PLA Filament – Red 0.5kg Reel


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