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Duet 0.6 PCB


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Product Description

The Duet is an open-source 3D printer controller board, which offers a range of improvements over traditional 8-bit AVR based control boards.



  • 32 bit ARM microprocessor as found on the Arduino Due, running at up to 84MHz
  • 12-35v DC power input
  • 4 x A4892 stepper drivers, capable of up to 2A per coil and 16 microstep control
  • 3 x High current PWM outputs to drive heaters and fans
  • 2 x temperature sensing circuits for thermistors


  • Ethernet connection to control your printer via the web interface
  • USB host capable socket
  • MicroSD card slot for standalone printing


  • Fully open-source free download
  • Automatic calibration of print surface and delta parameters
  • Smooth realtime motion
  • Internal webserver for access via ethernet, with  DHCP and netBIOS
  • Machine controlled via web interface
  • Prints gcode files provided by Slic3r, Cura and other open-source slicing software

The Duet supports the all new RepRapFirmware, an object oriented C++ firmware implementing a web server and multi axis/extruder motion control, as well as automatic bed level and orthogonality compensation.

The Duet is designed to be easily expanded by simply plugging in the Duet Shield PCB. The Duet Shield PCB adds the capability of driving up to two more extruders for three feed machines.

Duet 0.6 PCB


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