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RepRap Fisher Delta 3D Printer Kit


Build volume: XY Dia 150mm, Z 150mm
Build Surface: Acrylic plate with Buildtak
Nozzles: 1 (0.4mm)
Max print speed: 120mm/s
Layer height: 0.05mm – 0.4mm
Connectivity: Ethernet, USB, microSD
Materials: PLA, PETG, PCL
Overall Size: 260x260x435mm
Shipping Box Size: 480x290x120mm
Weight: 6kg

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Product Description


Fisher is a Delta RepRap designed by Jean-Marc Giacalone. It is an open-source 3D printer.

Its advantages are straight-forward assembly, auto-calibration and high-speed movement. It is a fast low-cost 3D printer.


  • Control via a web-browser using PC, tablet or mobile
  • Pre-soldered Duet board with a built-in micro-SD card for standalone printing
  • Wiring looms for simple plug-in connection – no soldering required
  • Removable print surface which has spring loaded kinematic locations for 1um repeatable positioning and bed probing
  • Geared drive extruder with all metal stainless steel nozzle

What’s in the Kit?

This Fisher kit includes all parts required to build your 3D printer and get you printing.

Contents includes:

  • All hardware (smooth rods, screws, nuts, washers, belts, bearings etc)
  • Pre-soldered and programmed electronics board
  • MicroSD card + adapter
  • Non-heated Buildtak print surface
  • Motors
  • Nozzle assembly and extruder drive mechanism
  • Reel of 1.75mm diameter PLA filament
  • Universal power supply for all mains voltages between 110V and 250V
  • All the 3D-printed Fisher parts

Software to run the machine is available to download for free, including the firmware for the electronics.

Spare parts and Filament

We sell spare parts for Fisher. See the RepRap Components for items we have available. We have additional filament reels available from our webshop.

Lead times and Shipping

The kits are normally shipped within five working days of receiving your order. If you are ordering additional parts/filament, these will be shipped separately to the Fisher kit.

Shipping costs (included in the online prices listed above) –

  • UK £12
  • Europe £22
  • Rest of the World £40

How to build your Fisher

Build instructions can be found on eMAKER’s github repository here:

Design files, including STL and DXF files for printing and laser cutting your own parts can also be found on github here:

Need some help or got a question about the assembly of Fisher? We can help! Click here to get in touch.

The above contents is subject to improvement without notice. Full Kits will always be provided with all components required to get you printing.  The colours of the supplied filament will not always match those illustrated.

RepRap Fisher Delta 3D Printer Kit

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